Paint Rectification / Detailing

Paint rectification, which can also be referred to as detailing, is a process that many people tend to try themselves. The problem that comes from trying this for yourself is that you can leave buffer trails, holograms as well as the risk of burning through your paintwork due to the heat of your machine polisher.

We check the level of lacquer that you have throughout our paint rectification process to ensure we never take too much lacquer off the panel, reducing the protection that your base-coat has.

The process of rectifying a vehicles paintwork is to do the following…

Flat & Polish

We also offer a ‘Flat & Polish’ service as part of our paint rectification / detailing package.
This enables us to get a better finish on your paintwork by removing any ‘hazing’ that may be apparent on your vehicle body panels.

By sanding back any defected paintwork (as long as the defect is on the clear coat), we can then remove any imperfections followed by polishing the fine scratches caused by the sanding process to a mirror finish.

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